2 Day Travel Pass

Vine Hopper 2 Day Travel Pass

Save money by buying a 2 day wine tour in Stellenbosch. The 2 Day travel pass gives you the option to visit 2 of the routes on the Vine Hopper tour.


Wine tour Stellenbosch? You can’t get enough of the fantastic Stellenbosch wine area and its wine estates? The Vine Hopper 2 Day Wine tour Stellenbosch travel pass is definitely the option for you. With this pass you can visit any of our 3 routes and the pass is valid for 1 month, meaning you do not have to do it in consecutive days.

To book your wine tour in Stellenbosch, please choose one of the routes which you would like to do. Once you go to the online availability page, you will have an option to tick a box which states: Click to buy 2 Day Pass. You will then pay for the 2 day pass and can add in the notes which date and route you would like to do for your second day.

Routes available are the Southern Route which runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Northern Route which runs on Monday Wednesday and Friday or the Eastern Route, which operates every week day Monday to Friday.

Buy far the cheapest and best way to experience Stellenbosch and its wine routes.

On each route on the 2 Day Wine tour Stellenbosch you have an option of at least 3 farms where you could have lunch. From picnic baskets to more formal restaurants with fantastic meals and views to go with it.

Each farm on the route also is unique in it’s tasting offering and it might be worth your while to research the farms on each of the routes if you are a serious wine connoisseur and would like to taste something specific.

Please be advised that the earlier you go in the day, the more farms you will be able to visit.

Wine tour Stellenbosch - Vine Hopper 2 day pass

Wine tour Stellenbosch 2 Day Travel Pass is the way to go if you are serious about seeing the variety Stellenbosch wine farms have to offer. Hope to see you join us on a day or two in the Winelands.


Please Note:

  • Please be advised that farms close at 17:00, so the later you start the less farms you will be able to see during the day.
  • We collect at the Tourism Information Office or at any Guesthouses in Stellenbosch Central, but please be ready for collection 15 minutes before above departure times for collection at your Guesthouse.
  • Cape Town collections can be done at an additional fee.